Better Vision Without Glasses?

4 August 2015

Ortho K and Myopia Control  –  Overnight Vision Correction 

So how is this possible? EyeDream Ortho K is a specially designed contact lens that reverses the power of the cornea at the front of the eye during overnight wear. Once the full effect has taken place, the eye is effectively ‘normal’ and can see clearly for the whole day.

Eye DreamMyopia Control – reduce the amount by which your child’s short-sightedness  increases

With EyeDream Ortho K you will benefit from:

  • Up to 50% reduction in eventual myopia (short sight)
  • Freedom from contact lenses and glasses during the day
  • Very easy adaptation, only overnight wear is required
  • A comfortable, semi-permanent alternative to correct short-sightedness
  • A safe and reversible vision correction therapy without surgery

Please contact Dr Ian Moss for more information:

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