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Top tips from Turners – Protect your eyes this Summer

1 July 2019

You wouldn’t hesitate to pack some sun screen as you head out to seek warmer climes, but what about protection for your eyes against harmful UV rays? With a reputation for clinical excellence in eye care, the team at Turners Opticians in Bridgwater, Somerset are passionate about the award winning innovation that comes with Zeiss to ensure that full UVProtect technology is inscribed for every clear lens. This means you are fully protected whatever your prescription and whatever the weather.

Our optometrists will advise you that an eye examination is not just about optimising vision, but also about health and well being. At Turners, Zeiss is our preferred choice of lens offered to our patients. As a family opticians based in the heart of the local community, providing private and NHS eye examinations for adults and children.

Did you know that Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is always around us? Whilst it actually benefits us by producing vitamin D, it can become seriously harmful over prolonged exposure. We tend to associate danger with the sun, but the intensity of ultraviolet light can be high even on a cloudy day. Whether you’re driving, enjoying a festival, just walking to the shops or taking a skiing excursion in winter, up to 95 percent of the harmful ultraviolet radiation can penetrate cloud cover even in dreary weather and damage your eyes and skin.

UV protection even on cloudy days

Shade does not provide complete protection from ultraviolet light. Fifty percent of UV radiation still gets through from reflected and scattered light. This effect is amplified when swimming in the sea, for example, as the water’s surface reflects part of the ultraviolet light. Our recommendation at Turners is therefore to protect your eyes and skin from the sun in every situation, whether in bright light or cloudy weather. This means that not only spectacle wearers but everyone should ensure that their eyes are well-protected from solar UV-A and UV-B radiation.

We can do this either by wearing high-quality sunglasses with full UV protection or clear or tinted glasses with full UV protection. Both clear and tinted eyeglass lenses and sunglass lenses from ZEISS offer this comprehensive protection from UV-A and UV-B radiation to 400 nm – so you can enjoy bright sunshine and outdoor activities safely and confidently. All clear and tinted eyeglass lenses and sunglass lenses from ZEISS are equipped with the UV filter, so there is no need to order it separately.

From Tom Ford to RayBan, whatever your visual need and style, our team at one of the most friendliest opticians in Somerset, will make sure you have the right ZEISS lenses to suit you and your loved ones. With full protection of course!

Throughout the summer, ask about our exclusive offer on a second pair of Zeiss!

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