Contact Lenses

 CONTACT-LENSESAlmost everyone can wear contact lenses successfully – full time or part time.

All our contact lenses are supplied through LensCare for a fixed monthly fee that includes all routine lenses, standard solutions and all appointments.

On LensCare you are automatically upgraded to our highest level of examination with all of our new technology, including retinal imaging/scanning.

What our customers say

"I was always told that I couldn't wear contact lenses because of the shape of my eye.  Ian at Turners said it wasn't a problem at all and I wear my daily disposable lenses all week now"

Contact lens charges are from:

Standard Lenses £35 month,  Premium Lenses up to £50 month

*Multifocals, OrthoK and Myopia control £50 month* *initial fitting fees apply

Part time contact lens wearers pay £20 month for clinical care and are able to buy lenses at internet prices.

There is a 10% discount for couples with joint membership Complete Concept and Contact Lens Plans.

Overnight Vision Correction

OrthoKSo how is this possible?
Ortho K is a specially designed contact lens that reverses the power of the cornea at the front of the eye during overnight wear. Once the full effect has taken place, the eye is effectively ‘normal’ and can see clearly for the whole day.



With EyeDream Ortho K you will benefit from:

• Freedom from contact lenses and glasses during the day
• Very easy adaptation, only overnight wear is required
• A comfortable, semi-permanent alternative to correct short-sightedness
• A safe and reversible vision correction therapy without surgery

Myopia Control
Ortho K is considered to be the best available option for controlling myopic progression.  Please contact Dr Ian Moss for more information


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