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10 December 2018

At the onset of winter, as the light changes across the Somerset landscape, it’s important that we keep on top of our vision and the health of our eyes. Many people feel uncomfortable when driving, especially in difficult light or weather conditions. Driving can be stressful at the best of times, no matter how far the distance. Here at Turners Opticians in Bridgwater, we firmly believe that good vision is vital for safety.

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Q. I struggle with driving in bad weather. I’ve just had an eye test and wear glasses but what can I do to protect my eyes and be safe?
We confidently recommend DriveSafe lenses by Zeiss, which is also an excellent everyday lens that excels in challenging driving situations such as poor light and dazzling headlights, to provide an accurate complete vision of the road.

Q. How does DriveSafe work?
This lens has luminance design technology which means enhanced vision in low light conditions and up to 64% more reduced glare from oncoming cars. It also provides better re-focusing between your dashboard and mirrors and perception of contrast and colour.

Q. Can I wear DriveSafe lenses all the time?
Yes. Absolutely. These lenses made by Zeiss are specifically designed for spectacle wearers for every day use as well as the road. They’re available in both single vision and progressive lens designs and are very comfortable.

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