Coffee loved by our patients, Good for the environment also!

10 December 2019

At Turners, we care about sustainability and the environmental impact of what we do. This also includes what we drink. At a recent team meeting, an initiative led by Arran Taylor, Dispensing Optician and our own Turners ‘Green Ambassador’, became a reality. The question began with: how can we make our business greener? Well, starting with frames, we will soon be introducing new spectacle brands chosen from sustainable materials such as upcycled or recycled plastic or acetate and metal. Contact lenses with packaging materials are also happily recycled. Watch this space.

Back to coffee however, lovingly served with Turners signature hospitality, the Nespresso pods we use for that welcome Cappuccino, Americana or Espresso are now being recycled for green regeneration initiatives. Since 2010, Nespresso has been making its own fully-recyclable aluminium capsules.

We get through a lot of coffee pods on any clinic day! Each recycle bag can hold up to 400 pods and, once the bags are full, they are collected by a fleet and taken to a regional distribution centre administered by Nespresso. Here the coffee cups are collected by ‘Key Waste’ and go through an anaerobic digestion process generating electricity and fertilisers. How wonderful is that!

In partnership with the Swedish lifestyle bicycle brand Velospophy, Nespresso have also produced a bike made from recycled aluminium coffee pods in a purple nod to the popular Arpeggio coffee. It comes in a pod shaped bell and cup holder for the cyclist to enjoy coffee on the go!

At Turners, in Bridgwater, Somerset, we believe in sustainable hospitality and eye wear in our environmental endeavour to provide our patients with the best care possible. The coffee is pretty good too..

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